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Last week's poll results

Last week's poll had some votes for all of the cool treats. Ice cream came in a close second place.  To see which treat was the favourite way to beat the heat, 

Welcome to Kanaka Creek's music page

I hope that everyone is staying safe and finding lots of beauty and joy in the world around them during these very  unusual circumstances.  For many people music is a great way to enhance beauty and joy, and also to process stress and other emotions.  More than anything, it can connect us to one another and it can show us how we all share so much in common. I want to offer a lot of fun content on here, but please remember it is all optional and meant to help you through a stressful time, not to add to stress. I hope that you will continue to make some music with me, even if we can't be together right now.

With love, Ms. Godfrey


For special Star Wars music lessons, look

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